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Accelerate and Empower Your SMB Deal with Finance DD!We are experts in executing small business acquisition-related financial due diligence engagements with clients.You'll receive actionable, tailored insights related to the financial position of your target business with a surprising degree of responsiveness - all from a seasoned team of former small business operators.We have a special expertise in evaluating services businesses, including those with a franchise context. Our principal has career experience on Blackstone's investment team, in public company corporate development, and as a searcher with a successful acquisition and exit; we are familiar with multiple business acquisition models and look forward to getting to know you to bring our operator's perspective to your specific transaction.Reach out to us for tailored analysis on your deal today!

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Give us some information below for a quick proposal on your deal's financial review. Please include high-level deal parameters (company revenue, EBITDA or SDE, industry vertical) for quicker discovery.


We have reconstituted P&Ls for hundreds of businesses and validated business expenses and addbacks to determine the true cash flow generation of an SMB acquisition target.Pricing generally ranges from $5,000 - $25,000+ depending on deal size, complexity, desired scope, and quality of financial information.

Financial Model

We have worked closely with buyers to understand the potential range of outcomes for their deal and how that interacts with capital structure and financing through detailed Excel financial modeling.Pricing generally ranges from $1,000 - $10,000 depending on desired scope, granularity of assumptions, and complexity.

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We've been in your shoes before, working diligently to close a deal under LOI on an expiring timeline. Many clients have been pleased with our responsiveness and quick insights.

streamlined financial analysis

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