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Aircraft Lease Finance

Leasing of aircraft is a common practice undertaken by airlines and other aircraft operators. The airlines and operators simply approach aircraft companies for aircraft lease and various aircraft companies are available in Australia, serving both national and international airlines operating in Australia by availing various types of Aircraft Lease Finance. They also serve government agencies and other private operators.

Leasing of aircraft is definitely expensive and an airline or operator may not have the necessary funds to do so comfortably. This makes lease finance necessary. Commonly referred to as capital leasing, aircraft leasing is a complex undertaking. It involves a leasing company purchasing an aircraft through debt and equity arrangements before leasing the same to an airline or operator. Because aircraft leasing period is mostly long-term, it is common for an airline or operator to purchase a leased aircraft at the expiry of a lease period. This however depends on the type of lease agreement entered into between an airline or operator and a leasing company.

Like is in other parts of the world, Australian airlines and other operators prefer to lease aircraft for the benefits that accrue. Leasing of aircraft gives airlines and other operators the freedom to claim depreciation deductions on a leased aircraft’s useful life for taxation purposes. This enables them to save substantially on the amount of tax they are obligated to pay.

Although aircraft leasing companies are the main source of Aircraft Lease Finance, other sources are available. Banks have traditionally provided varied types of financing to different businesses, the airline industry included. In providing finances to the airline industry however, they do so as a consortium, where they create a finance pool into which every bank puts its finance resources. This is because of the high cost and risks associated with aircrafts.

Apart from banks, various Aircraft Lease Finance brokers are also available in Australia. The aircraft brokerage services are vital for the airline industry. This is because leasing aircraft involves a lot, with an airline or operator required to meet some conditions before qualifying for finance. In most cases, some operators do not meet the qualifications and the brokers come in to assist them obtain aircraft through lease arrangements although at a determined rate. Various types of Aircraft Lease Finance are available and depending on the type of finance lease, an airline or operator can take ownership of a leased aircraft at the end of a lease period.

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Advantages of Mezzanine Finance

In development finance UK, a 100% development finance can sometimes be completed through mezzanine funding. While mezzanine funding has been a useful tool to complete funds for the project, its popularity have just increased in the recent years. Today, mezzanine funding has been widely used compared to other development finance UK such as equity finance, senior debt and high-yield bond.

Mezzanine finance has been more appealing to investors and entrepreneurs alike and they are mostly used to sustain both the residential and commercial development finance. Being subordinated to senior debt, mezzanine finance companies can disregard the breaching of their senior debt leverage for substantial investment, which results to command a lower cost of borrowing.

For entrepreneurs, the main attraction to mezzanine finance is that it requires less equity investment from equity investors. This means that they can retain more ownership in their business and thus more management control.

For investors, the main attraction for mezzanine finance is the recurrent interest income and the potential upside in the equity kicker. Mezzanine finance becomes even better after the various high profile defaults in the high yield bond sector and some melting returns from private equity investments. In effect, developers needing 100% development finance can rely on the advantages of mezzanine funding for their needed residential and commercial development.

Accounting And Finance Schools – The Stepping Stone To Success

If you are seeking stable employment in an office environment, an Accounting and Finance School could be the stepping stone to success. Numerous Business Schools, and many colleges and universities can provide the education and advanced degrees you will need to qualify for a range of accounting and finance employment.

Accountants are generally known for auditing accounts for companies, but they do much more. Accountants with a strong background and good education in accounting and finance can manage devising and operating financial systems, conducting investment analyses, financial management, advising on new initiatives and other financial planning schemes. They also handle individuals and corporate taxes, and recommend adjustments to or changes in company policy.

Accounting and Finance School programs offer associate, bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees, in addition to undergraduate and graduate certificates for concentrations in several areas, such as accounting and finance, art, biotechnology, business administration, e-commerce, education, engineering, environmental management, and much more. Accounting and Finance Schools also offer non-credit certificate studies in areas of accounting and finance, information technology, project management, healthcare administration, and human resources, to name some.

The curriculum will include computation, classification and verification; balance sheets, statements, journals, and ledgers; hardware and software; tax preparation and banking processes; payroll, accounts payable, and accounts receivable; inventory management, cash flow, and debt; and much more. Accounting and finance degree programs teach expertise in accounting and bookkeeping, personal finance, and fundamentals of spreadsheets. Other accounting and finance courses to be anticipated are estate planning, fundamentals of financial planning, personal finance, employee benefits, income tax, insurance, investments, and planning for retirement.

The course of study is designed to help prepare students for a vast range of accounting and finance careers. Accounting and finance students can choose to focus on subjects that relate to career development in business, communications, and social sciences. With accounting and finance certificates, graduates with specializations are prepared to serve in highly professional institutions that offer specialized accounting and finance services.

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